Heat to the Rescue: Sturdy Oil Drum Survival Kit Also Converts Into Stove.

Like the Haitian earthquake of 2010, last year’s Japanese tsunami disaster spurred designers to re-think what an effective, life-saving response might look like.

Focusing on providing a source of heat, water and food housed in rollable oil drum that can be converted into a stove, Eindhoven-based Japanese designer Hikaru Imamura’s “Heat Rescue Disaster Recovery” kit reflects his belief that something as simple as heat and hot water may mean the difference between falling deathly ill or surviving.

this is fucking awesome.

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this time of year is a weird time of year

all of the year 12s are finishing their last high school year ever and its really bittersweet for them 

but then also all of us year 11s are starting to realise that thats now us and this time next year we’re gonna go through the same thing

its kind of sad and kind of scary


pretty girls with a messy bun and baggy shirts look hot as fuck but when i do it it’s like i’ve been doing drugs for 5 days straight

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